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Anthropology And Sociology

Department of Anthropology & Sociology
Department of Anthropology and Sociology is one of the departments of study in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya. Courses in Anthropology and Sociology have been taught at the University of Malaya since 1971 with it’s main objectives as follows:
  1. To established academic research on man and society
  2. To train students such that they acquire a full understanding of human change processes.
  3. To provide sound foundation such that students can understand and deal with problems affecting man and society.
The current academic strength of the Department consists of two Professors, two Associate Professors, one senior lecturer, six lecturers and two tutors. Courses offered cover the three main components of Anthropology, Sociology and, Psychology. The Population Studies Programme joined the department in 2005.

"Man and Society" is a yearly multi-disciplinary journal. The lastest publication published by the department is Volume 15. To commemorate University of Malaya’s 100 Years Anniversary, the Department has published a book entitled "Malaysia: Menangani Perubahan dan Pembangunan".

Assoc. Dr. Malini Ratnasingam
Dip. (Swinburne), BSc (Monash), M.A. (UKM), Ph.D (Sheffield)
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