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Master of Southeast Asian Studies

The Master of Southeast Asian Studies coursework and dissertation programme caters primarily to suitably-qualified working adults who, for professional or personal development, would benefit from a deeper and more focused academic understanding of the historical, political, economic, social, cultural and other related issues pertaining to the Southeast Asian region. By exposing students to some of the best works which scholars of Southeast Asian have produced as well as relevant theoretical and methodological debates on the region, students can be better equipped with knowledge base and analytical skills to explore their own areas of interests with greater competence and confidence.

Career Opportunity
  •  Ambassadorial Aide
  •  Author
  •  Economic Advisor
  •  Lecturer
  •  Market Researcher
  •  Regional Headquarters Branch Manager
  •  Researcher
Course Structure

1. This programme comprises 3 parts which are;

(1) Part one (1) which consists of coursework totaling sixteen (16) credit hours including the industrial training (2) credit hours:
(2) two core courses, each of three credit hours, totalling six (6) credit hours;
(3) one core courses, of four (4) credit hours;
(4) two elective courses, each of three credit hours, totalling six (6) credit hours,selected from a list of courses offered by the Faculty.

Candidates must pass Part One (1) before they are able to proceed to Part Two(2).

Courses offered are :

Core Courses
Code Course
ATGH6101 Theories and Methods of Comparative Development in Southeast Asia
ATGH6102 Research Method in the Social Sciences
ATGH6103 Regionalism in Southeast Asia

Elective Courses
Code Course
ATGH6302 Economic Development in Southeast Asia
ATGH6304 Trade, Port and Shipping in Southeast Asia
ATGH6305 Politics and Regional Governance of Southeast Asia
ATGH6311 Regional Economic Co-orperation in Southeast Asia
ATGH6312 Worker and Employment in Southeast Asia
ATGH6313 Economic Development of Maritime Communities in Southeast Asia
ATGH6314 Management of Coastal Environment and Marine Resource in Southeast Asia
ATGH6315 Management of Tourism Development in Southeast Asia
ATGH6316 Urbanisation of Southeast Asia
ATGH6301 Arts and Cultures of Southeast Asia
ATGH6303 Population and Demography in Southeast Asia
ATGH6306 Language and Society in Southeast Asia
ATGH6307 Ethnography and Belief Systems in Southeast Asia
ATGH6308 Comparative Religions in Southeast Asia
ATGH6309 Culture and Politics in Southeast Asia
ATGH6317 Comparative Gender Systems in Southeast Asia

2. Part Two (2) consists of a research project leading to a submission of a dissertation of about 30,000 words (40 credits hours).

(1) The details of the offered courses are subject to the Senate's approval from time to time upon the recommendation of the Faculty/ Academy/ Centre/ Institute and candidates will be informed of course offerings at the beginning of each session.
Language Requirement


A non-Malaysian applicant whose degree is from a university or institution of higher learning where the medium of instruction for that degree is not the English language and where the applicant wishes to follow a programme and/or write his dissertation in the English language shall be required:

(1) to obtain a score of 550 for a paper-based total, a score of 213 for a computer-based total or a score of 80 for an internet-based total for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL); or

(2) to obtain a band of 6 for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS);

Entry Requirement

Programme of study by Coursework and Research

(1) a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent; or

(2) a professional qualification from a recognised professional body; or

(3) any other qualification as may be approved by the Senate from time to time.

Intake Schedule

February and September

Fee Structure for Citizen
Fee Structure for Non-Citizen
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