Historical Society University of Malaya has been around since 1959.

Committee Members and Activities (1961-1973)



1961/1962 SESSION
President: Mr. Loudesamy
Vice President: Mr. How Chee Peng
Honourable Secretary: CheKamaruddin Abu
Assistant Secretary: Mr. Baskaran
Treasurer: Mr. ChoongPooi Chi

1962/1963 SESSION
President: Mr. Loudesamy
Vice President: Mr. How Chee Peng
Honourable Secretary: CheKamaruddin Abu
Assistant Secretary: Mr. Baskaran
Treasurer: Mr. ChoongPooi Chi

1965/1966 SESSION
President: Mr. B. Rajaram
Vice President: Mr. How MunHeng
Honourable Secretary: Mr. K. Balasubramaniam
Assistant Honourable Secretary: Mr. Wong Tuck Cheong
Honourable Treasurer: Mr. R. Rathakrishnan

1967/1968 SESSION
President: Mr. V. Nitchaingam
Vice President: Mr. Yip Seong Chee
Secretary: Mr. N. Parameswaran
Assistant Secretary: Miss Molly Siew Yap Lan
Treasurer: Mr. A. Atputharajah

1968/1969 SESSION
President: Mr. Peethamparan
Vice President: Mr. Subramanian
Secretary: Bro. Dennis Augustin
Assistant Secretary: Miss Irene Chan
Treasurer: Miss Nonnie Ng

1969/1970 SESSION
President: Mr. S. Deva Indran
Vice President: Mr. Jagdish Raj Sharma
Secretary: Miss Chang ChorHeong
Assistant Secretary: Mr. YusofNahar
Treasurer: Mr. Jayaraman Vasu

1971/1972 SESSION
President: K. Singaraya
Vice President: Mohammad Dhajudeen
Secretary: Richard Thean
Assistant Secretary: Bansur Kaur
Financial Secretary: Zainon Ahmad

1972/1973 SESSION
President : Sdr. N. Gopalakrishnan
Vice President: Sdr. PalaniappanKumaru
Secretary: Sdr. Ismail Abdul Hamid
Assistant Secretary: Sdri. Karen Lee Li Yeng
Financial Secretary: Sdr. Naginder Singh Gill.



    a) Journals
    • In the 60s, the important activities conducted by the Society is the Publication of the Journal of the of the Historical Society of University Malaya published since 1961. According to John Bastin in the introduction of the journal in 1961, said that the overall management and editing of this journal has been done by students.
    • Until 1970, the journal was named Historical Society of the University of Malaya. In 1970, the journal was renamed as ‘JernalSejarah’. Here is a list of the first Editorial Board in 1961/1962:
    • Editor                     :   Oh Hong Choon
         Associate Editors    :   Lim Tai Fung
                                            Yee Che Fong
                                            S. Sivanandam
                                            M. Baskeran
        Business Managers :  Jayandral F.
                                            C. Thavaneswaran

    • In 1962, profits derived from this publication is $ 400.
    • Journal Editor Historical Society in subsequent years are as follows:  

                  1962/1963: Gilbert Khoo
                  1965/1966: Mat RasipManap
                  1967/1968: Xavier Nathan
                  1969/1970: Soosay Nathan
                  1972/1973: Kassim Abbas

    b)  ‘BeritaTawarikh’
    • In the 60s, the important activities conducted by the Society is the Publication of the Journal of the of the Historical Society of University Malaya published since 1961. According to John Bastin in the introduction of the journal in 1961, said that the overall management and editing of this journal has been done by students.
    c)  Printing of History Notes
    • Mr. Anthony Chelliah was responsible for printing the history examination questions and answers for the members. These were sold at a lower cost to society members. 
    • In November 1962, the Historical Society has organized a talk entitled ‘Techniques and Procedure of Foreign Policy’ which was presented by En. Mohamad GhazaliShafie, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Several talks were also organized in 1965, namely:
      • ‘The Political Aspects of Confrontation’ by the Honourable Minister for Information and Broadcasting, En. Senu bin Abdul Rahman.
      • ‘The Role of the M. C. A. In Malaysia’ by the Honourable Minister of Finance, En. Tan Siew Sin.
    • The first symposium on “The Middle East Crisis” was held at 8.00 p.m. on 26th July 1967. Chaired by Professor Wang and the panels included Prof. J. Silverstein, Syed Hussain Ali, Zainal Abidin and Lee Poh Ping.
    • In 1971, for the first time Historical Society has organized a seminar on Malaysian history. The seminar was held for three days in the auditorium of the Faculty of Education. A total of ten speakers involved. Among them were:
      1. ProfesorArasaratnam
      2. Dr. J. Karthirithamby-Wells
      3. En. Shahrom Md. Dom
      4. En. Goh Cheng Teik
      5. En. Cheah Boon Kheng
      6. En. S. Muthuna (Straits Times)
      7. En. Zainal Abidin (Wisma Putra)
      8. Profesor Zainal Abidin Abdul Wahid (National University of Malaysia)
      9. En. Ahmad Boestaman
      10. Dr. Philip Loh (Education Faculty, Universiti of Malaya)
    • The paper presented at this seminar were collected and published by the society. They were edited by Zainon Ahmad, Santhananaban and Richard Thean and were offered for sale at $2.00 each to our students, and outsiders at $3.00 each.

    a) Film Shows
    • On the 10th July of 1961 in the Lecture Theatre ‘A’- members of the Historical Society had an entertaining and educational evening; when films on loan from the Indonesian Embassy were shown. The response of members for such films was most encouraging.
    b) Coffee Club
    • The Coffee Club was an innovation of the Society, and was inaugurated on 2nd September, 1967. It was held every Saturday from 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. in Room 24, History Department. At this club, each week members of the Society and the staff met informally over a cup of coffee. 

    c) Games

    • In 1967, two games were succesfully carried out. The first was netball at the 3rd Residential College Netball Court, in which the staff successfully maintained a good lead. However the students defeated the staff at Soccer at the Varsity Green. It is regretted that the other matches of badminton and volley- ball could not be held due to heavy bookings already made for the Great Hall, and also because of the incomplete volley-ball court.
    • In 1968, competition in volley ball, badminton, netball and soccer between History Department Staff and Society members were held during the year. Prizes were donated for the various games.

    a) Farewell
    • In 1962, Professor J. S. Bastin left tehe University of Malaya for London. As the members not here, then, to organise for him any farewell function, the Society made a farewell gift of a set of liquor-glasses. The Professor has written to thank the Society for the gift and has assured that whenever he used the liquor-glass he will remember the Historical Society of Universiti of Malaya. 
    b) Welfare Week
    • In August 1962, the Society played an active part in the implimentation of the Welfare Week Programme. To the Float Procession, the Society contributed a float depicting the newly born concept of Malaysia. The judges were so impressed by the idea and the humour and colourful vividness with which it was represented that they gave Historical Society’s float the first place. 
    c) ‘Dutch Night’
    • On Saturday 9th July 1966, the Society intends to hold a ‘Dutch Night’ in the Arts Concourse/Lecture Theatre ‘A’. It is being organised with the kind co-operation of Dr. Jan M. Pluvier of the History Department and the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Kuala Lumpur.  It will be a night of everything Dutch: Dutch films, Dutch music, and Dutch snacks. This out-going Committee will propose holding this event to the incomers and shall render them any assistance necessary to make it a memorable ‘night’. 
    d) Annual Dinner and Dance
    • To round up the activities for last year, the Society organised a Dinner and Dance, which was held on 25th October 1967 at the “Jade Room”, Robinson’s at 8 p. m. Present were Prof. Wang and other staff members and a good number of the members of the Society.
    • In conjunction with the 10th anniversary of the Society, the Tour Committee organized a dance at the great hall, the funds of which was to be for the foreign tour. The crowd was good but unfortunately, there was no sponsors and as such, it was impossible to make a profit. 

    Quiz Competition

    a) Bastin Shield Quiz Competition
    • Bastin Shield History Quiz Competition was first held in 1961 and named after Professor John Bastin, a lecturer at the Department of History, University of Malaya. It was organized for the form five secondary students in Kuala Lumpur zone. The first  winner of the quiz is Methodist Boys School, Kuala Lumpur. In 1962, the Bukit Nanas Convent came first and won the Professor Bastin’s Shield which was graciously presented by the Professor himself.
    • However, this quiz can not be organized in 1968 as it faces a number of problems such as workload shouldered by the members of the association and the time constraints of the association and the school. 
    • To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Historical Society in 1969, the quiz questions submitted are based on Malaysian history, the history of South East Asian/ Commonwealth, world history, politics and current issues. This year, a total of 13 schools participated. The finalist were Methodist Boys School (K. L), Bukit Bintang Girls School, Methodist Boys School (Sentul) and Assunta School, the winners. The final event was held on 24th July 1969 at the Faculty of Education.
    • In 1971, the quiz was won by SMK Convent Sentul and in 1972, by Methodist Boys School Sentul.
    b) Pluvier Shield Quiz Competition
    • Pluvier Shield Quiz Competition was organized for all form six students and named after Dr. M. Pluvier January. The quiz was designed since 1967, however due to the existence of some obstacles, this quiz was finally held in 1971. For financial reasons,  we had to limit this quiz for sixth formers in West Malaysia only. The first rounds were held in all the states, each handled by Society committee members from those states. The finals were held on 10th May at Lecture Theter A in the Arts Faculty on the campus itself.
    c) Muhibbah Shield Quiz Competition
    • In conjunction with the PersatuanSejarah Malaysia, Cawangan Selangor, the society organized the Muhibbah Shield Quiz for sixth formers in Selangor in May. Eleven schools participated in this quiz and the winner of this shield donated by Dato Harun Idris was the team from the AminuddinBakischool from Kuala Lumpur.
Committee Members and Activities (2011-2016)



2011/2012 SESSION
President : Mohd Firdaus Bin Abdullah
Vice President : Muhammad Shahril Bin Yunus
Secretary : ZalikhaBtBahari
Asssistant Secretary : Nor Amiera Bt. Awang @ Hasbullah
Treasurer : Marsilah Bt Abdullah
Assistant Treasurer : Liserd Anak Porok

2012/2013 SESSION
President: Ahmad Fitri bin Aziz
Vice President: Siti Nur Fareha binti Razali
Secretary: Nur Alyani binti ‘Azmi
Assistant Secretary: Dayang Nurashikin binti AbangSharil
Treasurer: Sofiah binti Othman

2013/2014 SESSION
President: Nur Afiq Asnawi b. Abu Bakar
Vice President: Thomas ChandanAnakGalong
Secretary: Seellren Anak Anthony
Assistant Secretary: Sharlley P Ginsuab
Treasurer: Atikah binti Zakaria

2014/2015 SESSION
President: Mohd Sufi KhirulBahri
Vice President: Az Zaharah binti Hidup
Secretary: Hasuzielah Lok
Assistant Secretary: Jenifer An Chin
Treasurer: Siti Aishah binti Ismail
Assistant Treasurer: Nurfaraian binti Mahadzir

2015/2016 SESSION
President: SharafiIlman bin Halim
Vice President: Nurul Amirah binti Hamzah
Secretary: Siti Norul Aqillah bintiJohar
Assistant Secretary: Wan Lily Mariani binti Omar
Treasurer: Nurul Huda binti Mohd Akib
Assistant Treasurer: Shafiqah Wahida binti Ku Shaari



    a) Buddy System
    • Buddy System was conducted in 2012/2013 session. This program is a mentoring program between the third year students in the commitee member of Historical society and the first year student. Each committee member is assigned to guide the first year student in academic field.
    b)  Intervarsity Forum
    • On 17th December 2011, the Society organized an Intervarsity Forum at Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. For the first time, the Society invite representatives from the other universities such as UniversitiPendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) and National University of Malaysia (UKM). The event was ended with a prize giving ceremony, by Mrs. Salina Zainol, Society’s Advisor.


    • On 15th December 2012, a forum was held in Lecture Hall B, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya by the Society. The program involves 29 students from four universities namely Universiti Malaya, National University of Malaysia, International Islamic University Malaysia and UniversitiPendidikan Sultan Idris.
    • The forum was also held on 30th November 2013 with the theme “Lessons of History”.


    c)  ‘JejakSejarah’ Programme (Trip)
    • Langkawi, Kedah
      • The program was held on 18th-20th February 2012 at Langkawi, Kedah. This program aims to learn more about the history of Kedah itself and the focus was Pulau Langkawi. The program were attended by 40 selected students from the Department of History. Among places visited were MakamMahsuri, BerasTerbakar, Dataran Lang and Geopark KLIM.




    • ‘MenjejakiWarisan Perak’ Programme (Tour)
      • On 19th April 2014, the Society organized a tour program to Lenggong Archaeological Gallery and Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery in Perak. The Program’s objective is to create awareness and to uphold the historical heritage. They were 40 students  involved in this programme.
    d)  Konvensyen Orang Melayu, at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur.Langkawi, Kedah
    • On 20th January 2012, the Society involved in organising ‘Konvensyen Orang Melayu’ at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. This convention aims to reveal to the public the origin of the Malays through some vital findings by several scholars. Many useful input gained during the program.




    e)  Adobe Photoshop Class
    • The program is the first to be held under the auspices of a special Media Exco for the undergraduates to expose the students to media technology. The program was held on 26th March 2016 at the Seminar Room 1, Department of History, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. A total of 17 participants took part in this program.
    f) ‘Jalinan Persahabatan MahasiswaSejarah Universiti Malaya (UM) dan Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)’ (Networking Programme) 
    • This program is to encourage cooperation and good relations among history students between the two universities. It was from 11th to 14th April 2012. Among the activities organised were: visit to Negeri Sembilan and Malacca, visit to National Archives and farewell banquet. 







    a) Interaction 
    • On 9th October 2011, Interaction Day of Historical Society for the 2011/2012 session was held in the DataranSastera, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UM. The event was held to introduce and to encourage good relations between the first year students and seniors.. The event was officiated by Dr. Arba'iyahMohd Noor, as the Head Department. Various activities have been carried out and various useful inputs were obtained during the program.



    • The same program was also held in 2013/2014 session on 5th October 2013. There were 50 students present.


    • Due to the encouraging respons, the Interaction Day been organized annually. For the 2014/2015 session, the programme held on 4th September 2014. There were 90 students present.


    b)  Outdoor Recreation 
    • Bukit Broga, Semenyih, Selangor 
      • On 21st November 2011, the society organized hiking to Bukit Broga, Semenyih, Selangor. The program aims to educate students towards a healthier life. The program received an overwhelming response with 40 students involved.


    • ‘JejakJauhari’ at HutanLipur Ulu Bendul, Negeri Sembilan (Trip)
      • On 2nd November to 4th November 2012, the society has arranged an outdoor activity to HutanLipur Ulu Bendul, Negeri Sembilan. The aimed of the programme is to build confidence among amongst students. A total of 23 students were involve.

    • Mount Nuang Expedition, Hulu Langat, Selangor
      • The program was held from 9th to 10th October 2015, which aimed to inculcate  teamwork amongst student. A total of 50 students were involve.



    c)  Photography session for Historical Society University of Malaya
    • The session was carried out at the Dewan Tunku Chancellor on 2nd December 2013. Students from first year to third year 2014/2015 session were involve 




    d)  Family Day
    • This program was held for the first time on 12th March 2016. It was organized by the Sport and Recreation Bureau of the Society. This program aims to foster close relations amongst students and lecturers of the History Department.

      family day

    e)  Kayaking
    • Another interesting activities organized by the Sports and Recreation Bureau is Kayaking. It was held at the Varsity Lakes on 1 April 2016 and was agreed to be held monthly.



    a) Aidilfitri Celebration
    • On 9th October 2011, the society organized Hari Raya Celebration. It was held to forge closer ties amongst students and lectureres. The program began with a speech by Dr. ArbaiyahMohd Noor, the Head Department of History, and followed by the President, MohdFirdaus Abdullah.


    b)  ‘Malam SedetikLebih’ (Farewell Night)
    • The program was held on 14th April 2012. It was a farewell to the third year students of 2011/2012 session. It was also attended by the students of University of Malaysia Sabah (UMS).

      Malam SedetikLebih

    c)  ‘Malam GemilangSejarah’ (Annual Dinner)
    • It was an annual affairs. In 2013, it was held on 10th May at the Rumah University, University of Malaya. The dinner attended by 80 students.
    • In 2014, Berjaya Hall, Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort was chosen as the venue. It was held on 20th May. 60 students attended the dinner.
    • The same affairs was organized on 29th May 2015 at RumahUniversiti,  University of Malaya. It was a great success because more than 100 students present. 





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