The Department of Anthropology and Sociology is located in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya. Established in 1970, it’s main objectives are:

  1. To generate knowledge of man and society.
  2. To train students to fully understand change and development in all aspects of human processes.
  3. To provide a sound foundation such that students can understand and manage problems affecting man and society.

Today, we are witness to change and turbulence, in particular socio-economic conditions, shifts in demography, social inequality and social injustices that continue to grow not only in Malaysia but also in the world at large. Parallel to these, we are also witness to changes in expectations, attitudes and behavior within our society, particularly among the youth, the workforce, disfranchised minorities and the growing and increasingly influential elderly population segment. 

Anthropology and Sociology as academic disciplines are increasingly recognized as relevant in deciphering these social changes because it is equipped with a critical approach that captures the multiplicities and complexities of contemporary events. But it goes beyond merely providing an explanation. The applied side of these twin disciplines contributes positively to national and local strategies that aim at addressing these changes while striving to improve our society.

Our department is unique in that it offers expertise in three disciplines; anthropology, sociology and psychology. The academic demands of the disciplines within the department, inculcates an appreciation of people. Through our academic training we instill in our students a sense of empathy, and sensitivity. Students are equipped with the skills to promote empowerment of the disfranchised groups, encourage dialogue and mutual understanding through problem-solving strategies, and utilize approaches that are preventive as well as remedial action.

Head of Department

Dr. Haslina Muhamad
BSc (Deakin); MA (Malaya); PhD (Monash)

Knowledge for one's well bieng

To become an excellent distinctive centre for social studies for the development of the community and the country

  • To generate knowledge of man and society.
  • To train students to fully understand change and development in all aspects of human processes.
  • To provide a sound foundation such that students can understand and manage problems affecting man and society.
Department Chart
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Programmes of Study

Our main publications are:


  1. Published annually – latest volume: Volume 25 (2014)
  2. Special issues:
    • Pembangunan(Development)
    • Fieldwork Experiences in Malaysia
    • Women and Employment in Malaysia
    • Tribal Peoples and Development in Southeast Asia  


This journal is published twice annually.  The main objective of this journal is to provide a forum for academics in the disciplines of anthropology, sociology and psychology to present their research results, theoretical critique and/or new perspectives.   It is hoped that our efforts will foster a writing culture in accordance with our status as a research university and make significant contributions to the social science literature. 

Guidelines for Submission of Articles

  1. The Department strives to continually improve and are upgrading our journal for inclusion in international citation indices. Hence our preference is for papers in English, however we will continue to accept high quality papers in Bahasa Malaysia.
  2. All papers should be accompanied by an English abstract of not more than 200 words and not more than 5 keywords.
  3. Articles must be original and academic in nature.  Authors are encouraged to ensure that there is evidence of theoretical engagement as purely descriptive papers will not be accepted.
  4. All submissions should not have been previously published elsewhere or be under review by another publisher.
  5. The length of the articles should be between 5,000 to 8,000 words.
  6. All papers will be blind peer reviewed.
  7. The manuscript must be typewritten using Microsoft Word, double spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12 with margins of at least 2.5cm all around.
  8. References should be arranged in alphabetical order at the end of the paper.  The APA convention should be observed. Please ensure that all citations in the text have a corresponding reference entry, and that every publication listed in the reference must be mentioned in the text.
  9. Tables and figures should be numbered consecutively within the text of the manuscript.  Appendix tables are numbered table A1, A2 and so on.
  10. Manuscripts may be sent to:

The Editor,
Manusia dan Masyarakat (Man and Society)
Department of Anthropology and Sociology
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
University of Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur



  1. Dimensions of Traditions and Development in Malaysia (1995)
  2. Poverty and Ageing (2000)
  3. Malaysia: Menangani Perubahan dan Pembangunan (2006)
  4. Malaysia: Menghadapi Arus Transformasi (2008)
Department of Anthropology & Sociology
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
University of Malaya 
50603 Kuala Lumpur 

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