The Department of Chinese Studies was established in 1963 and has been steadily flourishing for the past 46 years. It has the prestige of being the oldest Chinese Studies Department in Malaysia, and remains an important centre of learning and research for Chinese Studies in the region. Since its founding, the department has produced students of high calibre. Many of our graduates have won scholarships to pursue further education in renowned universities abroad, whilst others are prominent figures in their respective career paths.

As a mojor Department of Chinese Studies in South-east Asia region, the Department strives to become an alternative venue for Chinese-language study and research besides China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. This would be in tandem with Singapore's efforts to globalise.

The Department of Chinese Studies has developed close relationships with many major foreign universities, especially those in China, Taiwan as well as Hong Kong. The significance is that not only the Department would further consolidate its academic achievements through insightful interactions with these universities, whereas students graduated from the Department might also obtain more opportunities provided by these foreign institutions of higher learning.

Head of Department

Associate Professor Dr. Fan Pik Wah
B.A(Hon), M.A (University of Malaya)
PhD (University of Peking)

To be an internationally renowned institution of higher learning in research, innovation, publication and teaching in Chinese literature, language and culture.

To advance knowledge and learning in Chinese studies through quality research and education for the nation and for humanity.


The Department of Chinese Studies objectives are :

  • To preserve, teach and promote Chinese culture.
  • To facilitate the understanding of Chinese culture and values among fellow Malaysians of different races through the translation of Chinese classics.
  • To contribute towards the attainment of a high academic standard of Chinese Studies in Malaysia and thereby benefit mankind and society.
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