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Development comes with a price, and that price is the decay of our natural environment. Does that mean we should stop developing our nation in order to preserve our environment? Or should we forgo our environment for developments’ sake?

This programme will hopefully produce graduates who will find the middle ground for the tug-of-war between development and the environment. Covering interdisciplinary subjects ranging from biology, geology, policy studies and law, geography, religion, civil and chemical engineering, chemistry, economics, history, and sociology, students will face environmental studies as a whole, enabling them to have an analytical and functional perspective on the environmental issues facing our world today.

Career Opportunity

  • Environmental Education
  • Media Production
  • Environmental and Alternative Health
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Environment and Community Arts
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Resource Planner/Manager for related government agencies
  • Conservation Officer with related government agencies
  • Educator

Last Update: 17/03/2022