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The Research Management Unit (RMU) has been selected among the FASS academic staff to advise and support the Deputy Dean (Research) to increase capacity, confidence, and motivation among staff towards high-quality research and publications.

Associate Professor Dr. Amira Sariyati Firdaus
Department of Media and Communication Studies
Email: amira_firdaus@um.edu.my

  • Capacity Building/Training
  • Events/Visits
  • Research and Publication Ethics 

Dr. Sheeba Nettukandy Chenoli
Department of Geography
Email: sheeba@um.edu.my

  • Grants
  • Research Centres/Networks
  • Inter-Disciplinary Research

Dr. Vilashini Somiah
Gender Studies Programme
Email: vilasomiah@um.edu.my

  • Research Bulletin
  • New Staff Relations

Dr. Samsul Farid Samsudin
Department of Library and Information Science
Email: samsulfarid@um.edu.my

  • Faculty Journals
  • Publication Data/Metrics

Miss Faqihah Amer Sofian
Assistant Registrar
Email: faqihah.amersofi@um.edu.my

Last Update: 31/10/2023