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Climate Change 

1. Introduction The University Malaya Climate Change Network (UMCCRN) is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and coordinating and developing research projects led by University Malaya researchers, focusing on the various aspects of climate change research specific to Malaysia and south-east Asia. UMCCRN is committed to facilitating multistakeholder engagement in developing and advancing climate change knowledge and exploring creative mitigating strategies. The network hopes to advance knowledge on the phenomenon of climate change, its impact, mitigation and adaptation approaches and policy responses by a network of multidisciplinary researchers at the forefront of climate change research. UMCCRN is dedicated solely to enhancing human capacity through scientific, social and technical approaches. Establishing vital networking among researchers and academics is critical for building capacity in multidisciplinary and integrated approaches that address climate change-related issues such as disaster management related to extreme climate events. The network of stakeholders includes researchers from a multidisciplinary background, civil society actors, government actors, technical specialists and local as well as indigenous communities to participate in ongoing dialogues towards expressing the different voices in our endeavour for solutions toward mitigating climate change.

2. Objectives of UMCCRN The objectives of the UMCCRN are as follows:

2.1 To be a leading centre in engaging dialogue to explore and address climate change from multistakeholder and rightsholder perspectives.

2.2 To engage in academic production, circulation and consumption of knowledge regarding climate change science and governance.

2.3 To act as a foundation for the advancement of scholarship, namely, in promoting publication and discussion on the latest findings related to climate change. Thus, the centre aims to serve as an action-based platform taking a dynamic and committed stance in approaching climate change mitigation in a multi representation, and participatory way

3. UMCCRN Members

Name Special topic groups
Dr. Sheeba Nettukandy Chenoli (FASS,UM) Leader
A P Dr Helena Muhamad Varkkey (FASS,UM) Climate change policy and climate action
Dr. Tengku Adeline Adura Tengku Hamzah (FASS, UM) Climate change governance
Dr Mariney Mohd Yusoff (FASS, UM) Climate change and urban society
Dr. Kamal Solhaimi Fadzil (FASS,UM) Climate change and indigenous knowledge
Dr. Nisfariza Mohd Noor (FASS, UM) Monitoring of land use and environmental change
Dr. Nor Shahida binti Azali (FASS, UM) Climate change impacts on the coastal region
Dr. Wee Chea (IOES) Climate change and Ocean (Associate member)
Pn Siti Nooraznie Abdul Rahim Principal Asst Secretary, Water Resources and Hydrology Division, KASA Climate change adaptation (water adaptation and climate resilience)
(Associate member) Dr. Zainorfarah Zainuddin Principal Asst Secretary, GHG Inventory and Reporting Unit, Climate Change Division, KASA GHG Inventory and Carbon Trading (Associate member)

Last Update: 14/02/2024