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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences was established in 1959. Since then it has been growing, with dynamic expansion taking place in its academic programmes, human resources and physical structure. The Faculty provides a conducive environment for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and for visiting fellows. We offer a wide variety of programmes and courses, ranging from solid core disciplines (which embody the more traditional fields of study) to bolder regional and multidisciplinary programmes which cross departmental boundaries to explore the growing importance of Malaysia in the world.

To be a leading centre for studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences in order to be able to contribute towards the development of the Malaysian society and the nation

To be an internationally renowned institution of higher institution in research, innovation, publication and teaching.

Research Mission
To facilitate Faculty members to undertake the relevant and quality research in order to spearhead the Faculty's role in the development of the field of Social Sciences and humanities in Malaysia.

Last Updated: 28/11/2018