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The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, established in 1959, is one of the most dynamic in Universiti Malaya. As a distinguished and influential Faculty steeped in tradition and committed to academic excellence, we are a forward-thinking Faculty, offering opportunities for educational, recreational, and cultural development. Research and research-based education are our core values at the Faculty where we offer an environment in which students are challenged to extend and enhance themselves intellectually, professionally, and creatively.

Since its establishment, the Faculty has developed humanities-oriented disciplines, focusing on both teaching and research in arts and humanities, social sciences, areas and regional studies, and behavioural sciences, in addition to numerous other programmes. In its teaching and research, we engage with the world beyond our University, ensuring that our students are fully prepared for the careers they wish to pursue.

The Faculty Arts of Social Sciences is home to outstanding scholars and students interested in exploring the complex depths and dimensions of humanity and society across space and time. The Faculty is host to a range of academic programs including anthropology and sociology, geography, history, environmental studies, library and information science, English literature, Chinese studies, Indian studies, social justice, international and strategic studies, Southeast Asian studies, East Asian studies, media and communication, and gender studies.

We also support our academic staff to develop partnerships and consultancy activities with public and private enterprises so that they would foster and promote synergies between all stakeholders: academics, students, and employers.

Last Update: 21/03/2022