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The Bachelor in Media Studies programme aims to produce good graduates who are knowledgeable, technology literate and skilled in producing worthwhile media texts, as well as able to contribute to the field of media and communication, whether as professional industry practitioners, or as scholars and intellects.

The programme is offered as a full time programme with 122 credits, with a minimum study-duration of 7 semesters plus 1 short semester and a maximum study-duration of 11 semesters. The Bachelor of Media Studies is a 3u1i programme in which students will undergo face-to-face and online classes, undertake assignments and do an academic project for 5 normal semesters and 1 short semester, followed by industrial training internships for 2 semesters.



AIM1001 Pengenalan Pengajian Media (Introduction to Media Studies)    

AIM1002 Pengenalan Kepada Perekaan Media (Introduction to Media Design)

AIM1003 Retorik dan Pengucapan Awam (Rhetoric and Public Speaking)

AIM1004 Menulis untuk Media (Writing for Media )

AIM1005 Teori Media dan Komunikasi (Media and Communication Theories)

AIM1006 Undang-undang dan Etika Media (Media Law and Ethics)

AIM1007 Komunikasi Untuk Organisasi (Organisational Communication)

AIM1008 Teknik Produksi Skrin (Screen Production Techniques)

AIM2001 Pelaporan Berita  (News Reporting)

AIM2002 Penyuntingan (Editing)

AIM2003 Media, Budaya dan Masyarakat (Media, Culture and Society)

AIM2004 Kertas Projek 1 (Project Paper 1)

AIM3001 Latihan Industri (P) (Industry Training)

AIM3002 Teknik Dan Strategi Perhubungan Awam (Techniques and Strategies in Public Relation)

AIM3004 Kertas Projek 2 (Project Paper 2)


AIM2005 Kewartawanan Foto (Photojournalism)

AIM2006 Ekonomi Penerbitan (Publishing Economy)

AIM2007 Penulisan Skrin (Screen Writing)

AIM2008 Komunikasi Pemujukan (Persuasive Communication)

AIM2009 Isu-isu Semasa Terpilih (Selected Current Issues)

AIM2010 Penulisan Rencana (Feature Writing)

AIM2011 Penerbitan Elektronik (Electronic Publishing)

AIM2012 Pengarahan: Prinsip dan Amalan (Directing: Principles and Practices)

AIM2013 Komunikasi Pemasaran (Marketing Communication)

AIM2014 Penulisan Kreatif  (Creative Writing)

AIM2015 Pengurusan Komunikasi (Communication Management)

AIM2016 Media Dalam Konteks Global dan Lokal (Media in the Global and Local Context

AIM2017 Produksi Multimedia (Multimedia Production)

AIM2018 Pengurusan Industri Kreatif  (Creative Industry Management)

AIM2019 Kewartawanan Penyiaran (Broadcast Journalism)

AIM3003 Pengurusan Acara Strategik (Strategic Event Management)

AIM3005 Komunikasi Politik (Political Communication)

AIM3006 Produksi Dokumentari (Documentary Production)

AIM3007 Perhubungan Awam dan Media Sosial (Public Relations and Social Media)

AIM3008 Penguasaan Bahasa Untuk Profesional (Language Proficiency for Profesional)

AIM3009 Penerbitan Majalah (Magazine Publishing)

AIM3010 Kewartawanan Warga (Citizen Journalism)


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